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Wow, Wow, Wow – Llandilo Man Wins Lotto And Reignites Love!

Saturday Lotto delivers hard-working Llandilo man division one prize worth $686,391.84  | Image Supplied

A hard-working Llandilo man admitted he was shaking like a leaf after receiving official confirmation he won a division one prize worth $686,391.84 in a Lotto draw that took place last month.

The winning man said he checked his entry online at and couldn’t believe his eyes when he realised he had all six winning numbers on his 18-game marked entry.

“Wow, wow, wow – bloody wow! I’m nervous and stunned! This is unbelievable!” the winning man exclaimed.

“This is a game changer for me, no it’s a life changer! It’s the icing on the cake – you have no idea how much this wins means for me! I’ve worked hard my whole life and always put my family first and never dared to dream this could happen to an ordinary man like me.”

“This win is unbelievable! It’s come at the right time in my life. I’ve recently rekindled a relationship with an old flame after more than 20 years and this win means I can buy a home and start a new life. It’s like the stars have aligned and now my future will be secured and I won’t have to worry about where my next job is coming from. I’m not greedy and I’m so pleased I’ve shared the division one win with other winners. For me this win is absolutely life-changing!” 


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